‘Pie or Strudel / Escaping Queenie and Tina’s Place’

One of the sweetest, and definitely the cosiest scene in the film, this cue spans the meal our four protagonists share up until Jacob and Newt climb down into the case. Quite a short piece, ‘Pie or Strudel / Escaping Queenie and Tina’s Place’ opens with a string, choral and glockenspiel version of the syncopated variation of ‘Fantastic Beasts Main Theme (A)’ which builds in orchestration as it goes along, this time with a counter-melody in the violin.

It ends on a dominant pedal which is usurped by a brand new theme on the clarinet for Newt, heard when he reaches for the door handle and is stopped by Queenie, and is thus labelled ‘Newt’s Awkward Theme’.

This theme ends, before a glitzy, cascading, almost dancing figure enters as Queenie prepares the eponymous strudel. Twinkling percussion, flutes, harp and pizzicato strings form this beautiful passage, before dropping in register as it moves down the range, where the bassoon takes over the melody. A snippet of the ‘Heroic Theme’ is heard in a heavily modified form, where only the rhythm and basic melodic shape is heard, but with much quicker changing and diatonic harmony.

A clarinet and string passage follows, where fragments of ‘Jacob’s Theme’ are heard, as the first bar’s melody is outlined. A little later, the accompaniment to the ‘Bouncy Theme’ is heard, which is a very standard, plodding bass/chord/bass/chord pattern.

A quiet playout makes use of a discursive texture between the woodwind and tremolo strings, with muted brass rolls for a sinister effect. This meandering passage consists of fragmented pieces of melody which have brief tensions and releases, with no strong thematic predisposition, as it fills until the end of the scene with unusual harmony meant not to distract from what’s happening on screen at this point.

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