Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

The Soundtrack:

Music Analyses

‘He’s Listening to You Tina’

Opening with a slow-moving, languorous string passage, built on suspensions, this cue spans the lull in the storm of the finale of the first film, as Tina and Newt try to quell Credence’s rage. This beautiful figure modulates and develops before opening out into a…

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‘The Obscurus / Rooftop Chase’

A flaring bass foundation opens this cue, which covers a very tense portion of the film in the build-up to the climax. The A idea of the ‘Obscurus Theme’ enters, acting as an ostinato which builds in dynamics and orchestration before diverging into an arpeggioic…

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‘A Close Friend’

A beautiful, calm, and romantic cue, ‘A Close Friend’ is the first full exposition of the ‘Love Theme’ orchestrated stunningly for strings and voices. The infamous melody is for the most part conjunct, with diatonic harmony employed so as not to distract from the beauty…

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ComposerJames Newton Howard
SongwritersMario Grigorov, Alison Sudol
LyricistJ.K. Rowling
ConductorPete Anthony
OrchestratorsPete Anthony, Jeff Atmajian, Peter Boyer, Chris Egan, Jim Honeyman, Philip Klein, Jon Kull, John Ashton Thomas
The Orchestra~ Woodwind
– Flutes:
Paul Edmund-Davies, Karen Jones, Helen Keen, Anna Noakes, Nina Robertson
– Clarinets:
Duncan Ashby, Nick Carpenter, David Fuest, Anthony Pike, Nick Rodwell, Jamie Talbot
– Oboes:
John Anderson, Sue Bohling, Gareth Hulse, Jane Marshall, Janey Miller
– Bassoons:
Rachel Gough, Stephen Maw, Gavin McNaughton, Rachel Simms, Richard Skinner

~ Brass
– Trumpets:
Christian Barraclough, Jason Evans, Mike Lovatt, Everton Nelson, Alistair Mackie, Kate Moore, Tom Rees-Roberts, Robin Totterdell
– French Horns:
Richard Berry, Nigel Black, Nicholas Korth, Philip Eastop, David Pyatt, John Ryan, John Thurgood, Mark Vines, Richard Watkins, Mark Wood
– Trombones:
Richard Edwards, Mark Nightingale, Lindsay Shilling, Dave Stewart, Edward Tarrant, Andrew Wood
– Tubas:
~ Owen Slade, Peter Smith

~ Percussion
– Pitched:
Chris Baron, Frank Ricotti
– Unpitched:
Paul Clarvis, Dominic Hacket, Gary Kettel, Bill Lockhart, Ian Thomas
– Piano:
Simon Chamberlain

~ Strings
– Violins:
Fenella Barton, Mark Berrow, Natalia Bonner, Thomas Bowes (concertmaster), John Bradbury, Sue Briscoe, Morve Bryce, Corinne Chapelle, Alison Dods, Christina Emanuel, Jonathan Evans-Jones, Gillian Findlay, Roger Garland, Jenny Godson, Clio Gould, Kathy Gowers, Ben Hancox, Peter Hanson, Jackie Hartley, Philippe Honoré, Ian Humphries, Philippa Ibbotson, Thomas Kemp, Patrick Kiernan, Boguslav Kostecki, Oli Langford, Julian Leaper, Beatrix Lovejoy, Rita Manning, Dorina Markoff-McNulty, Katherin Mayes, Lorraine McAslan, John Mills, Perry Montague-Mason, Steve Morris, Charles Mutter, Kathryn Parry, Tom Pigott Smith, Debbie Preece, Maciej Rakowski, Emlyn Singleton, Sonia Slany, Jonathan Strange, Julian Tear, Cathy Thompson, Clare Thompson, Chris Tombling, Debbie Widdup, Paul Willey, Alexandra Wood, Warren Zielinski
– Violas:
Max Baillie, Rachel Bolt, Fiona Bonds, James Boyd, Rebecca Carrington, Paul Cassidy, Gustav Clarkson, Richard Cookson, Sue Dench, Gillianne Haddow, Martin Humby, Garfield Jackson, Julia Knight, Peter Lale, Don McVay, Kate Musker, Andy Parker, Ian Rathbone, Rachel Robson, James Sleigh, Robert Smissen, Edward Vanderspar, Vicci Wardman
– Cellos:
Ian Burdge, Nick Cooper, Caroline Dale, David Daniels, Tim Gill, Sophie Harris, John Heley, Katherine Jenkinson, Paul Kegg, David Lale, Tony Lewis, Vicky Matthews, Llinos Richards, Ben Rogerson, Frank Schaefer, Jonathan Tunnell, Jonathan Williams, Tony Woollard, Chris Worsey
– Double Basses:
David Gordon, Paul Kimber, Roger Linley, Steve Mair, Andy Marshall, Andy Pask, Richard Pryce, Mary Scully, Allen Walley, Steve Williams
– Guitars:
Adam Goldsmith,
– Harps:
Skaila Kanga, Helen Tunstall, Karen Vaughan, Hugh Webb
Vocalists~ London Voices
Terry Edwards (choirmaster), Ben Parry (choirmaster)

~ Trinity Boys Choir
David Swinson (choirmaster)

– Singers:
Grace Davidson, Michael Dore, Sarah Eyden, Joanna Goldsmith-Eteson, Joanna Forbes L’Estrange, , Freya Jacklin
Music PreparersCara Batema, Daniel A. Brown, Tom Brown, Luke Flynn, Mark Graham, Mariko Horikawa, Riley Hughes, Victor Pesavento, Annie Rosevear, Naomi Sato, Steven O. Scott, Nate Tronerud, Joe Zimmerman