‘He’s Listening to You Tina’

Opening with a slow-moving, languorous string passage, built on suspensions, this cue spans the lull in the storm of the finale of the first film, as Tina and Newt try to quell Credence’s rage. This beautiful figure modulates and develops before opening out into a fragmented rendition of the ‘Obscurus Theme (A)’.

This vanishes as the cello line diverts, but slowly crescendos and builds back up and cadencing into the return of the A idea of the ‘Obscurus Theme’, now beautifully played right up at the top of the texture in the violins, with the lower strings doubling and providing a harmonic backdrop. Repeating a few times, the theme decrescendos and melodically fragments, before dropping out, leaving just a solo clarinet line to conclude this short and delicate cue.

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