‘In the Cells’

A very brief, yet touching and melancholy cue, ‘In the Cells’ starts with a bare open chord in the strings, as tolling percussion enters. This stagnant opening perfectly sets the scene for what’s happening on screen, as Jacob, Newt and Tina are in a cell in MACUSA, discussing the Obscurus. The cue slowly gets faster, with a vague outline of the ‘Obscurus Theme (A)’ being heard for the first time, however it is just the moving quaver part, not the overarching semitone melody.

As mentioned before in ‘Inside the Case’ the tension and release in the B idea of the ‘Obscurus Theme’, representing the dichotomy of the Obscurus and the Obscurial is again used in this theme with a two bar idea, one of tension, and one of relief, as the harmony and melody arch towards a consonant conclusion. This repeats every two bars, indicating the frequency of and the ongoing nature of the battles between Credence and his Obscurus.

An eerie choir line interjects itself at certain points, creating a slight dissonance against the simple, almost non-existent melody in this cue. The rhythm from ‘Main Title’ is what helps drive the scene forward, with long held notes in the strings and percussion marking the 6/8 metre, underpinning the conversation Newt, Tina and Jacob are having whilst imprisoned.

The rhythm from the ‘Obscurus Theme’ play throughout this cue, in its most basic form is the perfect way to accompany a scene where it is the focus.

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