A new featurette from the official Fantastic Beasts account has given us a brief look at some more of James Newton Howard’s score for the Secrets of Dumbledore. The opening 19 seconds of this video feature an African sounding idea, and represents our charm-ing Ilvermorny professor, Eulalie Hicks.

The video opens with percussion and a low, solo flute line. This is very redolent of the original soundtrack version of the mating dance in ‘The Erumpent’, however, we can confirm that this new material is for Lally! The theme is based in F harmonic minor, and makes use of dotted rhythms. The flutter tonguing on the third note of the third bar offers some timbral contrast and adds quite a stressed sound to this theme.

The last two bars of the theme are repeated and modified a little, and decrescendo, before a subito forte rising string line appears and lands on a dominant pedal. The remainder of the video is made up of a very grand orchestration of John Williams’ Hedwig’s Theme, as is often the case with marketing videos and trailers.

So, our first official new theme! A potential new theme for Grindelwald also surfaced in one of the TV spots; head over to our Twitter, @fsawtft to see and join in that discussion, but that one remains up in the air at the moment! We can’t wait to see how Lally’s Theme (B) and the rest of the music will pan out in Secrets of Dumbledore, and hope you’re just as excited as us!

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