‘Gnarlak Negotiations’

Opening with a dark, gloomy bass note, ‘Gnarlak Negotiations’‘ corresponding scene has a matching mood, as we now see this Goblin mobster and the magical underbelly of the American Wizarding World. The ominous bass gives way into the gloriously sleezy ‘Gnarlak Theme’ with an eerie high woodwind drone on the top, with light drum kit accompaniment, muted brass and strings on the melody.

The theme fragments, with just the backbeat on the kit and a loose rhythm over the top of it before stopping, now with a light, disjunct, pizzicato bass figure, followed by a harp and woodwind flourish, as Gnarlak sees Pickett. A now unaccompanied version of the theme returns just in the strings before launching into a tense, oscillating idea in the harp and strings with wind flourishes. A melancholic idea enters on the bassoon with string accompaniment as Newt gives up Pickett. ‘Gnarlak Theme’ is heard once more with more muted brass accents, before coming to a halt. A chromatic, stoic brass figure is heard next as Newt asks about Graves, before a tense crescendo in the strings which warns the arrival of MACUSA and it gives way to a thudding low brass and percussion idea as The Blind Pig is ransacked. A rising major idea in the strings and brass leads into the ‘Heroic Theme’ as our protagonists make their escape, with a rousing crescendo and final hit as they Disapparate.

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