‘The Demiguise and the Occamy’

This cue opens with a very jaunty, Eastern sounding idea, representing the Demiguise and its origin, with unusual wind instruments and percussion used, in conjunction with orchestral winds and strings to create this rich, atmospheric tone.

This reduces to just a bare, chromatic string and percussion idea before the strings continue into a lush, warm, major chord, that rises, as we see the majesty of the Occamy and its babysitter, Dougal. A gentle, indistinguishable, and lyrical melody is vaguely heard in the strings; the ‘Occamy Theme’

A sudden crescendo occurs, and a tense string tremolo takes over, with a creepy arc-like chromatic idea in the strings. A brass fanfare emerges, under a new string ostinato that moves between three semitones. The brass crescendos and descends as the strings rise with a beautiful wave-like motion and breaking out into a fragmented version of the ‘Fantastic Beasts Main Theme (A)’.

Staccato stabs take us from this moment of thematic recognition back to a quite a frenetic idea, with galloping brass and a rapid string melody over the top. A sudden decrescendo is followed by a homophonic, conjunct, chromatic, contrary motion idea that crescendos beautifully into a fast, panicked rendition of the ‘Heroic Theme,’ with a glittering wind flourish on top of it.

The theme meanders before modulating to a minor key and repeating itself in part, before reaching a point where all stops, and a muted brass note punctures the texture, as the Occamy stops to stare at Jacob and the cockroach. A majestic, major brass and string figure enters after this in almost a satiricial comment on the tense humour of the scene. A blurry woodwind trill comes out of this and crescendos into a heroic, pulsating rhythmic idea which modulates upwards, before a beautiful conjunct melody briefly appears as the Occamy raises itself to shrink. A choral and string pedal underpins a sequenced brass figure – a rising five note pattern that repeats as the Occamy shrinks, with other brass stabs, all climaxing in a big percussion hit as the lid is slammed onto the teapot.

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